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* Please click here to access jccaa_2019_trip_flyer_042618.docx
* Please click here to access jccaa_2019_trip_flyer_042618.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_2019_trip_itinerary_042618.docx
* Please click here to access jccaa_2019_trip_itinerary_042618.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2019_trip_Registration_waiver_Form_042618.doc
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2019_trip_Registration_waiver_Form_042618.pdf

* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_pre_trip_itinerary_071218.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_trip_itinerary_071218.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_trip_Registration_waiver_Form_121517.pdf

    JCCAA 2018 Scholarships announcement    

      Please click the following links:

         * 2018_Merit_based_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Merit_based_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Music_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Music_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Dr_Ki_Bui_Ma.doc
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Dr_Ki_Bui_Ma.pdf
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Ling_Family.doc
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Ling_Family.pdf
         * 2018_Political_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Political_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Press_Release_JCCAA.doc
         * 2018_Press_Release_JCCAA.pdf
         * 2018_Sports_Need_Based_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Sports_Need_Based_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Tseng_Ying_Fan_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Tseng_Ying_Fan_Scholarship.pdf

Click the following photo to view the album of "2018 春季乒乓球友誼賽"