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Click here to view LLC 2020 Programs Listing

Click here to view “2/22/2020 JCCAA/LLC Kick Off” photo album

* Please click here to access jccaa_2021_03_trip_itinerary.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_2021_03_trip_itinerary.docx
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2021_03_trip_Registration_waiver_Form.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2021_03_trip_Registration_waiver_Form.doc

有關2020各類獎學金的詳細申請辦法及表格 :

Click here for 2020_Press_Release_JCCAA.doc
Click here for 2020_Press_Release_JCCAA.pdf

Click here for 2020_JCCAA_LD_CS_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_JCCAA_LD_CS_Scholarship.pdf

Click here for 2020_Merit_based_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_Merit_based_Scholarship.pdf

Click here for 2020_Music_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_Music_Scholarship.pdf

Click here for 2020_Need_Based_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_Need_Based_Scholarship.pdf

Click here for 2020_Need_Based_Scholarship_Dr_Ki_Bui_Ma.doc
Click here for 2020_Need_Based_Scholarship_Dr_Ki_Bui_Ma.pdf

Click here for 2020_Need_Based_Scholarship_Ling_Family.doc
Click here for 2020_Need_Based_Scholarship_Ling_Family.pdf

Click here for 2020_Political_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_Political_Scholarship.pdf

Click here for 2020_Sports_Need_Based_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_Sports_Need_Based_Scholarship.pdf

Click here for 2020_Tseng_Ying_Fan_Scholarship.doc
Click here for 2020_Tseng_Ying_Fan_Scholarship.pdf

Please click here to view "The Holiday Cooking Class Pictures"

Please click here to view "jccaa_llc_2019_cooking_class_recipes_final.pdf"

Please click here to view 美南大專院校聯合友會 2019 年獎助學金得主名單

Click the following photo to view the album of "2019 JCCAA 年會及獎學金之夜"

Click the following photo to view the album of "Dragon boat race photos 5/4/2019 "